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Friday 9th April, 2021:

From 9th April, 'Rapid Flow Tests' are available to anyone (in England) who wishes to take part - without obvious symptoms(*). To find out more details, follow the " Get tested for coronavirus " panel near the top of the appropriate page on the NHS web site.
(* if you DO have symptoms then a different procedure applies - follow the link given).

Monday 5th April, 2021:


The 12th April relaxed rules listed below are now CONFIRMED. This includes all shops re-opening ( though with appropriate restrictions, e.g., hand sanitising, numbers in shops etc. ) and pubs/restaurants allowed to provide service outside ( with no 'substantial meal' caveat ). Hairdressers / barbers open along with gyms, libraries and community centres. This means that our local Library and presumably the Memorial Hall ( and other venues 'for hire' ) can re-start. Weddings of up to 15 people attending and funerals with up to 30 people are also enabled. Care home residents will increase to two per resident ( contact the particular home for more detail and any local restrictions ).
[entered: 05/04/2021] 

Friday 26th March, 2021:


The UK government ( though changes only apply to England ) announced the tentative plan to relax restrictions “( Lockdown III )” introduced in early January. This page has some information regarding the planned changes and links to the site where full, authoritative regulations and/or guidance can be found.

Broad summary:
# Meeting up with other households:
.. Outdoors: with one other person from March 8th - able to 'socialise' ( i.e., not necessarily 'exercising'); two households / or up to 6 people from March 29th. The latter includes in private gardens.
.. Indoors: 17th May (to be confirmed) - Two households can mix indoors - with the rule of six applied in hospitality settings like pubs.
# Shops/non-essential  and other services (including hairdressers, Library, museums etc.): 12th April
# Outdoor settings like alcohol takeaways, beer gardens, zoos and theme parks: 12th April
# Indoor leisure like swimming pools and gyms: 12th April
# Pubs, restaurants, sporting events, theatres etc.: 17th May (to be confirmed) - Cinemas, hotels, performances and sporting events reopen - though social distancing remains.
# Care Homes: one (named/exclusive/regular) person with full PPE, testing etc., from 8th March. Two regular visitors indoors from 12th April - able to hold hands ( after negative test ) and visitors will be able to bring babies / young children.
# Schools/Colleges: 8th March - all. Secondary school pupils advised to wear masks in classrooms as well as 'shared' spaces such as corridors. Testing regime applies ( see regulations for more detail ); for alterations / restoration of associated bus services, see the web sites linked from our web site.
# Sport, outdoor activities:
... after school after-hours activities ... 8th March
... Outdoor sports facilities re-open and organised children's sport ... 29th March
# General travel: moving outside 'local area' for other than work ... 29th March, but still recommending not doing so! Overnight stays NOT permitted.
# Holidays within England can be taken by members of the same household in self-contained accommodation ... 12th April
Other changes can be found via this page on the web site.
A handy graphic has been produced by the BBC and can be downloaded / printed for reference; opens in a new window.
[entered: 22/02/2021, updated 26/03/2021 & 03/04/2021: correction 12/04/2021]

Do YOU need help?

If you feel you need help the 'Contacts' section of this web page (below), has a listing of useful telephone numbers of those who can help. If you find difficulty contacting any of these organisations, please contact me via email.

Keep up to date with Dorset Coronavirus news

Public Health Dorset issue regular updates regarding the situation across Dorset Council area ( also Bournemouth - Christchurch - Poole / BCP ) and these can be accessed on their web site; the updates are usually issued on a Thursday or Friday & will open in a new browser window.



Here is a 'central' listing of some useful / reliable web sites that you can access - just click on the listing below: they will be kept under review ( let me know if they fail - I'll sort it soonest! ):

This first page/link is VERY IMPORTANT: it is the Dorset Council 'Community response resource'; it attempts to cover all aspects of supporting vulnerable / isolated people across the county: in particular, if you want to volunteer, are healthy & able, have a look at the entry " I want to help - who can I contact? ".

Dorset Council: " Dorset Together " - community response

Dorset Volunteering Centre: for individuals and organisations to register availability 

NHS main Coronavirus information page
UK Government source for essential background documents & advice
BBC Coronavirus information page
Dorset Council: latest news and advice

This is the Dorset-wide advice source for all matters relating to support for business, education & community facilities. This page also has useful links to reliable / official sources of further information.
- Dorset Council have published a " Dorset Council Local Outbreak Plan " and this can be accessed via this link.

And, if you're having difficulty understanding what the local regulations are ... the BBC have produced a useful application that will help out: just enter your postcode
Local rules - Covid-19 - in your area. BUT REMEMBER, if you move 'outside' your postcode area, say into Bournemouth or further afield, then the regulations may be different! There is now a guide to the regulations - with a 'postcode' checker, available via the UK government link listed above.

If anyone has difficulty accessing the documents / pages above, please contact me via email.


See the list of organisations below who can help at this time.

St. Mary's Parish Church: Community Support Team

As during the 'first lockdown' St. Mary's church have organised their 'Community Support Team' to help with such as shopping, getting vital prescriptions etc., if you are unable to get out and about. Telephone John Reid on 01202 861 533, who is the Team Co-ordinator, to request assistance: for more detail as to how to contact this and other Churches, see our dedicated web page on this site.

AgeUK have been playing a coordinating role across Dorset: from late summer, the main contact point for our area is now the " Bournemouth, Poole & East Dorset ( BPED ) " section: contact them on:
01202 530 530 ( main telephone number ),
01202 523 300 ( Information & Advice Line)
[ 10.00 am - 4.00 pm, Monday - Friday ]
or email

Dorset Council's COVID-19 Response Hub is there if you don't have family, friends or other support network that you can call upon - there is a dedicated help line which can be reached at 01305 221 000 ( 8.30 am to 5.00 pm, Monday - Friday ), contact them via the on-line Contact Form on their 'Emergency Response' page or you can email

Citizens Advice are still active, but obviously with the current distancing restrictions, they are not able to offer 'face-to-face' advice / guidance & will be very busy. Call or email them as follows:
Dorset AdviceLine on 0800 144 8848 ( free call ) or as a back-up, 0344 411 1444 ( local call rates )
or ( for East Dorset ) email

Royal Voluntary Service are providing support from the large pool of volunteers across the country. If you feel you need support ( e.g., with shopping, collecting medication or other essential supplies ), then call 0808 196 3646 ( 8.00 am - 8.00 pm ) or contact them via their NHS Volunteer Responders web page. [ entry updated 20/02/2021 ]

Facebook links

Several local organisations are using Facebook extensively at this time to make information available: the list below can be used to access those sites if required.

Pinehurst Community Church
Spotted West Moors (community-based)
St. Anthony of Padua RC Church
St. Martin's United Reformed Church
St. Mary the Virgin Parish Church
West Moors Town Council