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This section of the site carries information that will be of benefit to all residents ( or prospective residents ) of West Moors. As well as pages detailing doctors, dentists, chemists, schools and other essential services, there is a listing of churches, clubs, societies and many other organisations that make life in West Moors so fulfilling. Select from the menu on the left. West Moors Signage on the A31 
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The images at the head of the Community pages are, from left-to-right: the Parish Church, the Memorial Hall, the War Memorial & the Library.

+ + + + + + + CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) + + + + + + +

There is a specific page on this web site pertaining to the current emergency .... and on that page you will find useful links for latest information on the crisis.

*** The regulations / advice / guidance relating to the Covid-19 emergency are now (late May) under review by the UK government: if there are any changes that directly impact West Moors then some indication will be attempted in the panel here or below: however, unless otherwise advised, continue to abide by the instructions laid-out in the official statements .... see the Coronavirus page on this web site for links. ***

It goes without saying that we must look-out for those among us who are isolated, vulnerable, not able to get to the shops, not 'in touch' via on-line services  [ most important - not everyone is 'online' ] etc.

With a bit of common sense and community spirit, this emergency will be successfully dealt with.

If anyone has difficulty accessing the documents / pages / information, please contact me via email

Although every effort is taken to ensure information on the Community web pages is correct, the Council cannot take responsibility for errors in the entries, either on the pages themselves or on the external web sites linked from those pages. If you spot something wrong ( and particularly if you are unable to access any of the information ), please contact me, Martin Rowley, using the email link for the Editor of these pages 

News & Information . . . . .
* * * School re-starts: June 2020 * * * 
Following national government advice, local schools will attempt to restart, at least for some Years [ i.e., Reception, Years 1 and 6 ], during the first or second week of June. Full details can be found on their respective web sites ( follow the 'Education' link in the Index ) and it should be noted that significant changes to procedures and restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of children, staff & parents / carers: contact your child's school for more detail.
* * * Bus service: Spring Bank Holiday * * * 
Although most will not be able to take advantage, the weekend Friday 22nd - Monday 25th May is a Public Holiday period: Morebus will run to a 'Sunday' service across its network, which means no buses here in West Moors on both Sunday and Monday; other days the restricted service already announced.
* * * World Environment Day - 2020 (June 5th) * * * 
The Town Council is sponsoring a competition in connection with the World Environment Day, which this year takes place on Friday 5th June. Full details about the competition, and a link to more information about this United Nations sponsored day can be found on the home page of this web site.
* * * Face coverings * * * 
Following change in government advice on 11th May ( see the Coronavirus Hub page for links ) that people in 'confined spaces' should wear some sort of face covering, Morebus have now issued a statement that ALL passengers will have to do so with immediate effect (though the take-up of this seems to be patchy). No doubt in the days to come other retailers / commercial providers will issue instructions to similar effect. See  the Coronavirus Hub page on this web site for links to reliable sources of information.
* * * Local retailers * * * 
Local 'convenience' stores [ McColl's, Spar, Tesco ] along with the local chemist & nearby supermarkets have been attempting to provide a service to the local community throughout the difficult times experienced since late March - albeit with restrictions due to supply problems and of course the observance of precautions to keep us all safe.
In addition, several local retailers have also carried on the good work by offering delivery and / or take-out facilities e.g., Gullivers Farm, BTH Pet Supplies, Pandora Bakery & Webb's Butchers. As time goes by others are hoping to 'pitch in': the latest to be added is Seafoods Fish & Chip shop on Station Road.
Note that all these retailers have to operate within government guidelines - there is a listing at the bottom of the Coronavirus Hub page on this web site with contact telephone numbers.
* * * Coronavirus testing: procedures * * * 
Following the Government's announcement of the nationwide testing availability for Covid-19 on the 24th April, you can see what is involved, and if eligible, apply for a test by visiting the Gov.UK web site and following the procedures laid down there.
* * * Council Newsletter: April issue out now! * * * 
The latest Town Council newsletter is now available: although the Council Office in Park Way is closed at the moment, a copy can be downloaded from this web site: among the items in this issue . . . Coronavirus impacts on West Moors & Council activities . . . tentative plans regarding the Village Litter Pick, Annual Public Meeting & Westival ( all CANCELLED for 2020 ) . . . useful contact numbers / email addresses etc., regarding support for isolated residents . . . detail of the work of Pinehurst Community Church Action Group in support of local residents . . . Good Citizen Award details . . . Food Caddy bags delivery service ( see below ) . . . and much other useful advice.
* * * Bogus 'Officials' - Don't let them in! * * * 
Although the current emergency is bringing out the best in the vast majority of people, unfortunately there is a small minority that will try to take advantage. Criminals are posing as Council officials or NHS staff to either gain entry to private homes or to make monetary gain by charging residents for errands: SAY NO TO COLD CALLERS! Reputable organisations DO NOT send anyone to your home without making a pre-arranged appointment - volunteers will never seek to enter your home. Please use the organisations listed on our 'Coronavirus' page if you need assistance with food buying, prescription collection etc.
* * * Food Caddy Bags * * * 
If you are a vulnerable resident of West Moors ( within the civil parish / town boundary ), self-isolating and need food waste caddy bags, the Council are offering to deliver on a Wednesday. All you need to do is to contact 07561 652 603 or email the Town Council Office and they will endeavour to reply as soon as possible to arrange supply. When leaving a message, please remember to leave a contact telephone number and address for delivery.
* * * Marked reduction in bus services effective Sunday 5th April * * *
Following Government restrictions on movements, and the general lack of demand for public transport, Morebus have decided to significantly reduce their services in the local area. Service X6 will NO LONGER RUN ON SUNDAYS OR PUBLIC HOLIDAYS, and the Mondays - Saturdays service will be EVERY TWO HOURS! Service 38 will also be altered ( timing and route ) and reduced in frequency. For more detail, see the Morebus web page outlining these changes where a revised timetable can be downloaded. There are now amended summary timetables on this web site - see the entry within the 'Community Life' section.
 * * * Bus Services - age / disability time regulations * * *
Dorset County have announced that the " 9.30 am " restriction for bus pass holders is suspended until further notice; this means that, where services are available, concessionary bus pass holders can use their entitlement before 9.30 am Monday - Friday (as well as over weekends / PH)

+ REMEMBER: although our four churches are not holding routine & special services, they remain active in the community and are doing all they can to 'reach out' to the village - many are providing a variety of services that can be accessed on-line.
Here are specific links to their web sites ( alphabetical listing ):

These churches all have Facebook pages: they can be found by looking at the respective web site, but there is also a listing at the bottom of the Coronavirus page on this web site.

+ Following central Government instructions to " Stay at Home " ( 23rd March, as extended ) and associated guidelines, the two play areas administered by the Town Council are CLOSED. The Oakhurst play area will remain locked until further notice and you are asked NOT to congregate within the Fryer Field play area. If using Fryer Field itself, then obey the instructions relating to 'social distancing'.

+ Note that local surgeries are closing themselves off for safety of staff and visitors - best contact via telephone, email or web-based pages: where possible, changes will be reflected in these pages. The local chemist is also restricting numbers within the shop to reduce risk of contact.

+ Where refuse/recycling bins are missed on a routine collection, then there will be NO facility for a 'catch-up' collection: it will have to wait until the next routine collection of that particular bin (announced Sunday 29th March). Much more information regarding waste / recycling collection changes due to the current emergency can be found on the appropriate page of Dorset Council main web site.

+ There is a log of events during the Emergency applicable to the local area on this web site: it can be printed and used as an advisory sheet in public places: choose the 'Coronavirus' page link from the Index to the left of this entry and scroll down the bottom of that page to find the latest issue.

What's On Soon . . . . .

+ + + MAY 2020 + + +


+ + + JUNE 2020 + + +


+ + + JULY 2020 + + +

[ +++ For later events - where known/confirmed - see the Diary +++ ]
Village events in the next few weeks are highlighted above. Choose 'Diary' in the menu (left) for more details, where available, and other (known) events in the future. Where events take place in the Library, then see the page on this web site - linked from the entry at the top of this page. Remember that many venues - especially local churches - have regular events such as coffee mornings which won't necessarily be listed here: see the various links elsewhere on this web site. To place entry here or in the Diary, please contact as below.

For a 'tour' through the village, take this link for the " Village Trail "
. . . and linked from that document there is now a companion " Nature Trail " which attempts to describe the variety of natural habitats - many accessible to the public - which are all around us & for which we all have a responsibility.
[ Although the 'Parish Plan' was issued back in 2007, it is still relevant with much useful information contained therein: see the file (pdf format) . . . West Moors Parish Plan 2007 ]
In 1847 the first main-line railway to reach Dorset opened for traffic in June of that year - it entered the county a little way to the east of West Moors - and its arrival initiated the development of the community we have today; in 1867, a station was built at the junction of the two railway lines that met here, becoming the focus for the village. More information on this important history will be found at this page. . . Railway anniversaries
In 2018, the community paid its tribute to those who died or were otherwise affected during the conflict known as the 'Great War' of 1914-1918. Nearly one thousand people attended the annual service of Remembrance at the village War Memorial on the 11th November that year - exactly 100 years since the cessation of hostilities. See . . . Remembrance in West Moors 

The 'Community Information' pages on this web site are maintained by me, Martin Rowley; my wife and I moved to West Moors (on Pinehurst Road) in summer 2007. 

If you have a suggestion for inclusion, a correction to the current information displayed or difficulty accessing the various pages please email me. You might also like to download, print & display this Handy Graphic [text-only copy] that summarises the information available on this web site.

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