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This section of the site carries information that will be of benefit to all residents ( or prospective residents ) of West Moors. As well as pages detailing doctors, dentists, chemists, schools and other essential services, there is a listing of churches, clubs, societies and many other organisations that make life in West Moors so fulfilling. Select from the menu on the left. West Moors Signage on the A31 
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The images at the head of the Community pages are, from left-to-right: the Parish Church, the Memorial Hall, the War Memorial & the Library.

+ + + + + + + CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) + + + + + + +

There is a specific page on this web site pertaining to the current emergency .... and on that page you will find useful links for latest information on the crisis: keep coming back to that page as things are changing all the time now!

If anyone has difficulty accessing the documents / pages / information, please contact me via email

Although every effort is taken to ensure information on the Community web pages is correct, the Council cannot take responsibility for errors in the entries, either on the pages themselves or on the external web sites linked from those pages. If you spot something wrong ( and particularly if you are unable to access any of the information ), please contact me, Martin Rowley, using the email link for the Editor of these pages 

News & Information . . . . .
West Moors Town Council is arranging for an upgrade to this web site - work is well advanced and it is hoped to enable / publish the new site sometime in August. The address ( url after the 'https' bit ) will change to reflect the change in name of the Council but for a time anyway, you should be re-directed to the new site. More information as and when it becomes available!

Those of you who have entries on this site that are written / developed by us will be contacted - eventually! With the current emergency situation it will take a while to restore some semblance of normality to the checking procedure, as well as waiting for the new web site to settle down!

* * * Schools / Colleges re-start early September * * * 
It is the intention to fully re-open schools / colleges from the first week of September. This year, with the Covid-19 pandemic still dominating our lives, many and varied procedures need to be put in place / observed so that this can be achieved with safety. The best starting point to find out what is happening is to use the Dorset Council ' Education and training ' portal, and follow the various links there. In addition, those of you sending children to local schools can see the web sites of those establishments by following the links from the ' Education ' entry in the index to the left of this page.
* * * Council Office re-opening: Park Way * * * 
The Council office in Park Way ( behind Tesco ), has been physically closed since the total Coronavirus 'shutdown' in late March. At a recent full council meeting, it was tentatively agreed that the office might re-open in early September. However, this will be reviewed / confirmed / altered towards the end of this month. Obviously safety of staff and visitors is paramount.
Access to the staff is still available via email and the telephone of course: contact details can be found by following the appropriate link at the head of this page.
* * * Face covering: further regulations * * * 
A widening of the requirement to wear face coverings in enclosed area was announced on the 31st July: in addition to using same in retail environments ( shops / retail parks etc.), and on public transport & taxis, it will become *mandatory* ( from 8th August ) to wear some form of nose / mouth covering when visiting / attending churches, libraries, community centres, social clubs, indoor entertainment venues, funeral directors ( undertakers ), all premises offering professional, legal or financial services, cinemas, theatres, bingo halls, concert venues, museums, galleries and other indoor visitor attractions etc.
The full list can be viewed by followed the links on the Coronavirus page on this web site. 

Many of our local 'public' venues already require coverings and advice can always be sought from the facility concerned.

Many local retailers stock suitable coverings but it is also possible to make something using simple materials often to hand - and you can use a scarf as long as it covers both nose and mouth. We also have local shops in the village e.g., Golden Hands ( the Wool Shop ), Station Road, The School Shop, Park Way, among others that stock suitable materials to help you - no doubt other outlets will join in.

The official guidance on making & wearing face coverings can be accessed on the web site - this link will open in a new window.
* * * St. Mary's Parish Church - resumption of services * * * 
With relaxation of some of the restrictions imposed in March, activity is steadily returning to our community: St. Mary the Virgin Parish Church have announced ( in their July magazine, now confirmed ) that they are to resume public worship from Sunday 2nd August. However, there will be significant restrictions and alterations compared with pre-Covid19 life! There will be a restricted number of people able to attend and a 'pre-booking' system will be in place along with other precations to ensure safety. There is much more information on the St. Mary's web site.
* * * Memorial Hall: re-start! * * * 
A further sign of things returning to a 'sort-of' normal pattern is that the Memorial Hall committee have announced that they are re-opening from Monday 27th July. Please see the notice on their web site. Inspecting the calendar on that site shows that several clubs are intending to return - best advice is to contact either the Hall office ( 07746 939 820 ) or the individual clubs / organisations concerned - there is a listing on that web site. Remember that there are bound to be restrictions & regulations to be followed!
* * * Shielding: a 'pause' - what it means * * * 
As announced earlier, the "Shielding" programme is paused ( from 1st August 2020 ). Many will be venturing forth into the community for the first time for several months: there have been many changes to the 'normal' ( pre-emergency ) pattern of life ... shopping, collecting prescriptions, accessing GPs, using the buses, use of cash for payments, face-covering etc. You are not alone! The Help & Advice lines in place since late March / early April are still there for you .... see the 'Contacts' section on the 'Coronavirus' page on this web site for a useful summary of who to get in touch with; Section 4 of the official government guidance is particularly pertinent (should open in a new browser window).

And to those who * haven't * been shielding, please be considerate of anyone you meet who is confused or unsure of what to do 'correctly'. One day - YOU might need similar consideration! We're all in this together!!
* * * The Library awakes! ( sort of ) * * * 
Dorset Council Libraries Service have announced that they hope to re-start a sort-of Library service with effect 8th July. This is not what you will have known before: you will have to use an 'order and collect' system - no browsing at this stage. More detail can be found by following the Library link to the page on this web site.
Also, from the 6th July, you should be able to return items 'on loan' since the " lock-down " by putting them through the Library letterbox - no charges for overdue items will be levied until the end of August.

+ There is a log of events during the Emergency applicable to the local area on this web site: it can be printed and used as an advisory sheet in public places: choose the 'Coronavirus' page link from the Index to the left of this entry and scroll down the bottom of that page to find the latest issue.

What's On Soon . . . . .


+ + + AUGUST 2020 + + +

31st: Late-summer (August) Bank/Public Holiday

+ + + SEPTEMBER 2020 + + +

[ +++ For later events - where known/confirmed - see the Diary +++ ]
Village events in the next few weeks are highlighted above. Choose 'Diary' in the menu (left) for more details, where available, and other (known) events in the future. Where events take place in the Library, then see the page on this web site - linked from the entry at the top of this page. Remember that many venues - especially local churches - have regular events such as coffee mornings which won't necessarily be listed here: see the various links elsewhere on this web site. To place entry here or in the Diary, please contact as below.

For a 'tour' through the village, take this link for the " Village Trail "
. . . and linked from that document there is now a companion " Nature Trail " which attempts to describe the variety of natural habitats - many accessible to the public - which are all around us & for which we all have a responsibility.
[ Although the 'Parish Plan' was issued back in 2007, it is still relevant with much useful information contained therein: see the file (pdf format) . . . West Moors Parish Plan 2007 ]
In 1847 the first main-line railway to reach Dorset opened for traffic in June of that year - it entered the county a little way to the east of West Moors - and its arrival initiated the development of the community we have today; in 1867, a station was built at the junction of the two railway lines that met here, becoming the focus for the village. More information on this important history will be found at this page. . . Railway anniversaries
In 2018, the community paid its tribute to those who died or were otherwise affected during the conflict known as the 'Great War' of 1914-1918. Nearly one thousand people attended the annual service of Remembrance at the village War Memorial on the 11th November that year - exactly 100 years since the cessation of hostilities. See . . . Remembrance in West Moors 

The 'Community Information' pages on this web site are maintained by me, Martin Rowley; my wife and I moved to West Moors (on Pinehurst Road) in summer 2007. 

If you have a suggestion for inclusion, a correction to the current information displayed or difficulty accessing the various pages please email me. You might also like to download, print & display this Handy Graphic [text-only copy] that summarises the information available on this web site.

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