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A new periodical magazine has just been launched covering Ferndown, Wimborne and West Moors with the title " Dementia Friendly Communities ": it is packed with much useful information, contact details, sources of advice etc. Pick up a free copy from the Library, the Parish Office and many other points around the community [ BUT NOT AT THE MOMENT!].
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Rehab Recovery is an organisation that provides addiction treatment and healthcare advice for a wide range of addiction and dependency problems: a recently published page deals with the link between alcoholism and dementia. See this handy guide . . . Rehab Recovery: Making a difference in your life. 
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The Dorset NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have launched the fourth edition of the directory of services and support for people with dementia and memory loss, their carers and families. When someone receives a diagnosis of dementia it can be frightening for them and their loved ones. Having the right information about the condition through all its stages, knowing where to find support, how to apply for any relevant benefits and the legal aspects of the disease can be invaluable. You can download a copy of the booklet covering all these issues via this link . . . Living well with memory loss and dementia in Dorset 

[ The information laid out below is in need of some updating: this is being requested from the Group and will appear when available; in the meantime, try calling Lynne Morris on 01425 477 470 for latest information and help with access to facilities. ]
What is Dementia? According to the Alzheimer's Society, the condition is characterised by symptoms that may include memory loss, difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or use of language and perhaps changes in mood or behaviour. The changes are often small to start with but for some they become severe enough to affect daily life - causing distress to sufferers and to their loved-ones.
In March 2012, the (then) Prime Minister helped raise the profile of dementia by setting a 'Dementia Challenge'. Part of this challenge is to develop Dementia Friendly Communities across the UK. Such a community is one where people with dementia are able to live as independently as possible and to continue to feel part of their community. It should treat those with dementia with understanding and compassion and support their access to and in their communities. Little things can mean such a lot: in a shop, bank or office, being given time to explain . . . or to pay at a checkout - to show patience and understanding; it's not a lot to ask.
WM Dementia Action Group table at local Fun Day
 The Action Group stall at the 2015 West Moors Fun Day event - Sturts Farm
An action Group has been formed for West Moors to achieve these aims:
  • Hold regular meetings
  • Run dementia friends sessions
  • Apply to join the local Dementia Action Alliance
  • Commit to work together to improve the quality of life for all people with dementia and their carers
The Action Group needs more members to share the load, to promote the message and to inform local residents, businesses and other organisations and agencies.
Would you be prepared to give one or two hours now and again, to support our community in its aim of becoming dementia friendly? You need only volunteer for as little or as much time as you can spare. If you can only display a poster - that would help!
The group has produced some leaflets with useful advice. The Parish Council have agreed to host these on this site and the files, which are in pdf format, can be downloaded using the links immediately under this text. If you have difficulty using these forms, please contact me via email and I will arrange for alternatives to be provided: . . . .
Action Group information leaflet
How to help people with dementia - for customer-facing staff & volunteers

Alzheimer's Society
Dementia Action Alliance
... and download the latest issue of the Dorset NHS CCG advice booklet, which contains a wealth of information on the condition and sources of help, advice etc.

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19th February 2018 (Monday): Meeting of the Action Group at 7.15 pm in the Library. Amongst matters discussed: . . . work continues to define 'Safe Havens' in the local community . . . training for Dementia Friends to be held in Bournemouth . . . date of next meeting 23rd April: 7.00 pm
23rd April 2018 (Monday): Meeting of the Action Group at 7.00 pm in the Library. Amongst matters discussed were: . . . noted that the local Home Watch is to continue for at least a year . . . Avon Heath providing 'sensory walks' . . . possible local walks at Sturts Farm . . . provision of facilities for a gardening club . . . meeting arranged for 17th May at St. Mary's church to meet representatives from neighbouring groups . . . the Library presentation on the 15th May will go ahead as planned, though the national 'Action Week' is the week afterwards . . . date of next meeting: 9th July (7.15pm). 
15th May 2018 (Tuesday): Dementia Awareness session - Library - 2.30 - 4.00 pm
21st - 27th May 2018: Dementia Awareness session - Library - 2.30 - 4.00 pm 
9th July 2018 (Monday): Meeting of the Action Group at 7.15 pm in the Library.
10th September 2018 (Monday): Meeting of the Action Group at 7.15 pm in the Library; among items discussed were: Garden project (19th November) . . . Sensory walks available at Avon Heath in September . . . Forget-me-not service/St. Mary's (18th November) . . . Action Group wishes to have a tree at the Christmas Tree Festival (early December) . . . Promotion leaflet (amendments etc.). inutes have been circulated. 
12th November 2018 (Monday): Meeting of the Action Group at 7.15 pm in the Library. 
18th November 2018 (Sunday): " Forget-me-not " Service, St. Mary's parish church 3.00 pm 
19th November 2018 (Monday): New Gardening Project - introductory meeting.
7th January 2019 (Monday): On-site meeting, Sturts Farm (notes have been circulated): name of project .... " Garden Today
5th February 2019 (Tuesday): On-site meeting, Sturts Farm (notes have been circulated); date of next meeting - Monday 4th March.
17th March 2019 (Sunday): "Forget-me-not" Service, St. Mary's parish church 3.00 pm
16th April 2019 (Tuesday): "Garden Today" project launched at Gullivers Farm allotments. 
13th May 2019 (Monday): Meeting of the Action Group at 7.15 pm in the Library - Minutes have been circulated to all interested parties - amongst items discussed ... 'Garden Today' (launched 16th April) - requirement for a project leader ... Memory Box sessions underway at the Library (see Library page) ... Dementia Awareness Week 20th-26th May - preparations ... Dementia Awareness Sessions in Library (4th July, possibly 21st September).
20th - 26th May 2019: Dementia Action Week.
9th September 2019 (Monday): Meeting of the Action Group at 7.15 pm in the Library; agenda circulated by email. Minutes have now been issued: amongst matters discussed ... Westival presence regarded as successful ... "Garden Today" continuing to develop ... Dementia Friendly Communities magazine (partnership involving mags4dorset) due early November ... possibility of some form of 'games afternoon', perhaps at St. Mary's ... next meeting Monday 11th November (7.15pm).
11th November 2019 (Monday): Meeting of the Action Group at 7.15 pm in the Library; minutes have now been circulated by email. Among matters discussed .... Garden Project - suggestion that toilet facilities need to be closer to garden ... publicity for Dementia Friendly magazine ( see panel at top of this page ) ... possible training session ... Christmas Tree festival ... possibility of inviting Scouts, Youth Club participation ... dates / times of meeting changed ... now intended to be on Wednesdays at 7.00 pm 
29th January 2020 ( Wednesday - NOTE! ): Meeting of the Action Group at 7.00 pm in the Library: minutes have now been circulated ... Among matters discussed ... ways to raise profile of the Group ... Christmas Tree Festival success ... Gardening group name change -> " Forget-me-nots: Growing and Crafting together " ... After minute (27th March): DUE TO CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCY all activities and planned events have been cancelled. No future meeting is planned until we can see how the emergency plays out.  
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