~ Some notes of interest ~

~ Railway anniversaries ~

 2017 marked 'decadal' anniversaries of two railway-related events that are of importance in the history of West Moors:

1. The 1st June 2017 marked the 170th anniversary of the full opening of the Southampton & Dorchester Railway.
  This was important for the whole of Dorset of course - its first 'main line' connection with the rest of the nation - initiating societal & physical changes across the county. But the line entered Dorset by crossing the area that is now covered by West Moors parish - and in so doing 'sparked' the developments that, over a period of several decades, would lead to the community we have today.

2. The 1st August 2017 marked the 150th anniversary of the opening of the station building.
  This was actually a single-storey goods-handling facility - the local population was too small to justify a fully-staffed station at this date: about 150 people / 30-odd households. The fully-fledged station would come when a second-storey was added as accommodation in the 1870s. The station helped to focus & promote development of the village - and left us with the name of the principal thoroughfare through West Moors. 

To see some old photographs of the former railway - and some historical notes, follow the link . . . HERE to the pdf file on this web site.
I have prepared a small booklet dealing with the history of the railway that used to run through West Moors: email me . . . HERE and I will send you a copy (pdf format).

+ + + Remembrance in West Moors + + +

War Memorial 1920s

In early August 1914 the continent of Europe stumbled into war - a conflict that was confidentally expected to be  " ... over by Christmas". Over four years later, with around 40 million casualities (dead and injured, military and civilian), the 'Great War' was finally brought to a halt on November 11th, 1918 at 11 am Paris time.

In 2018, Armistice Day fell exactly 100 years since that event. Few communities escaped the consequences of this war - and West Moors, though a fairly small village at this time, shared in the grief of that conflict.

The village War Memorial was initially erected (in 1920) on the corner of Pinehurst Road and Station Road (top image). In 1971, the Memorial was re-located (due to traffic problems) to the current position at the end of The Petwyn (bottom image). It is here that the annual Service of Remembrance took place on Sunday 11th November 2018, attended by nearly a thousand people.

Pete Holden has published a detailed analysis of West Moors residents during the period of the Great War & those that served in the forces in that conflict - with an analysis of the named people on the village War Memorial: find the data . . . HERE