Doctors, dentists, opticians, emergency NHS services.


NHS Emergency and urgent care service  111
Dial 111 if you need urgent medical help or advice or you think you might need to go to A & E; for 'normal hours' services, see entries against Doctors below.
999 (or 112) Life-threatening emergency, major road-traffic accident etc.

[ For information relating to the Defibrillators outside the Co-op on Station Road and at the Memorial Hall, see entry at the bottom of this page. ]
[ For an alphabetical list of support groups, lunch clubs, welfare sources etc., see the listing below.]              

Surgeries . . .

The Barcellos Family Practice
Located on Corbin Avenue, Tricketts Cross - this surgery covers West Moors.
Information & contact points . . . Barcellos Family Practice           

The Village Medical Practice
Located on Station Road in the centre of West Moors, opposite the Co-op / Post Office store: this practice is now part of the South Coast Medical Group, having been an independent 'single-doctor' surgery up to 2016.
Information & contact points (local web site) . . . Village Medical Practice
Listing on the NHS site . . .
The Village Medical Practice

West Moors Group Practice
The West Moors surgery is also centrally located, on Farm Road close to the Moors Pharmacy; there is also an associated surgery serving Three Legged Cross - which might be more convenient for those living to the north of the village centre.
Information & contact points . . . West Moors Group Practice [NHS site]

Chemists . . .

Moors Pharmacy
Located on Farm Road, close to its junction with Station Road.
Information & contact points . . . Moors Pharmacy [NHS site]

Boots Pharmacy
Adjacent to Sainsbury's supermarket at Tricketts Cross [ probably more convenient for residents at the 'Ringwood Road end' of the village & for those who routinely shop at Sainsbury's or the other units along Ringwood Road, e.g., Lidl.]
Information & contact points . . . Boots site for Ferndown/Ringwood Rd store

Emergency NHS support . . .
Wimborne Hospital - Minor Injuries Unit
Restricted times of opening & services available; please check before visiting.
Information & contact points . . . Victoria Hospital [NHS site]

This unit also provides, BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT, help if you or a member of your family is unwell and need medical help after your GP surgery has closed.
YOU MUST CONTACT THE NHS 1 - 1 - 1 service prior to a visit as they may advise alternatives depending upon the situation.        

General NHS information
For comprehensive advice - for example finding local facilities, advice & latest news use this site: it also has a 'symptom checker' facility and extensive information relating to all health-related matters & medicines.
Information & contact points . . . NHS UK web site
If you need help with a minor health concern - visit your local pharmacy or for on-line advice, use this web site . . . NHS Pharmacy information
For information on services available that are specific to Dorset, visit the Dorset HealthCare site . . .
Information & contact points . . . Dorset HealthCare University web site

Dentists . . .
[ In 2018 (September) the two dental practices - Smile Team (Station Road) and Moorlands Dental (Moorlands Road) were physically merged at the Station Road site - see the link immediately under. ]
Envisage West Moors  
Information & contact points . . . Envisage web site

NHS Dental Services
Finding a dentist that works for the NHS can be difficult, but the NHS Choices web site has some useful advice and a search facility to help with answers: find this page . . . NHS Dentists page

Opticians . . .
EyeStyle Centre 
Information & contact points . . . EyeStyle Centre web site

Support groups, lunch clubs, welfare sources etc. (alphabetical) . . .
Carers Support Group: monthly - supporting carers and giving advice on caring.
Children's Centre: for infants to age 5 - services, activities & advice
Coping with Chaos: supporting families with youngsters requiring special needs.
Dementia Action Group: to raise awareness and to action support for all.
Domestic Abuse: how to get help [opens a pdf poster].
Exercise and Fitness: Indoor & Outdoor-based exercise classes
General help/advice: domestic violence/abuse, mental health, young people etc.
Health Walks: walk your way to a healthy lifestyle!
Help & Care: charity offering wide-range of advice, information & support.
Lunch & Friendship Club: weekly (Wednesdays) at St. Anthony's church hall.
Seniors' Luncheon Club: weekly (Tuesdays) at West Moors Middle School (term time).
Social Services (Adult) - Dorset: comprehensive access to a wide range of support & advice.
Support for Children & Young People: - includes education, SEN, fostering, etc.

Community Emergency Defibrillators . . .
Emergency defibrillators are now available [Coop/PO installed autumn 2015, Memorial Hall active from late summer 2016]: the former is located on the external wall of the Co-operative store / Post Office on Station Road & the latter is prominently placed on the external front wall of the Memorial Hall. The units were donated by Wimborne & Ferndown Lions Club. These units will potentially be of benefit both to residents & the many visitors who walk & cycle through the area.
Defibrilator unit The units are known as automated external defibrillators (AED) and they are a portable device that check the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal pattern of activity. AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest which is a condition where the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops. Once access is gained to the unit (after dialling 999 - the operator will give instructions on how to open the casing & what the access code is), the machine will give audible instructions on its use.