West Moors Youth & Community Club . . .  

[ This page has not had a formal update for many years: I have asked for input but as yet (spring 2019) this has not been forthcoming. The Club is still active though and the 'core' information is correct - just that some of the detail, contact members etc., need updating. Best advice I can give if you are interested is to go along to the Club (as below) and enquire - either as a volunteer or serving on the management committee. ]

The West Moors Youth & Community Club is situated on Bond Avenue, just to the north of Fryer Field & the Pavilion: access is off Station Road. According to the latest (spring 2019) Home Watch newsletter ....

" We are currently open two evenings a week and at the moment have Yr.6s on a Monday evening, and due to high numbers, Yr.7 and 8s alternating on a Tuesday evening. A wide range of activities "

Opening times are 7.15 to 9.30 pm when open (contact as below to find out more)

Chairman: Kurt Hallam  01202 896 367

Youth Leader: Mo Shearing  01202 826 149