About The Council

 West Moors Parish Council areas of responsibility include:

  • The administration of Fryer Field recreation area which includes a sports pavilion, a multi use games area (MUGA), football pitches, skatepark and children's play areas.
  • Administration of West Moors Cemetery located in Priory Road.
  • Administration of the Petwyn Village Green located in Station Road.
  • Administration of Allotments located at Gulliver's Farm
  • Provision of some street furniture including benches, bus shelters, entry signs into the village.
  • Consultation on all planning applications within the village.
  • Provision of small grants to village organisations.
  • Liaison with Dorset County Council with regard to rights of way and footpaths.
  • Management and operation of CCTV covering the Fryer Field and MUGA area.
  • Compliance with The Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

If you are not happy with the service provided by the Parish Council we have a Complaints procedure

The Parish Council has 3 committees dealing with various functions and activities.

Environment committee
This committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Fryer Field area. The facilities include football pitches, adult and children's, artificial grass 5-a-side football pitch, cricket square, tennis court, netball court, basketball court, children's play area, skatepark, BMX track and the pavilion. A second children's play area is located adjacent to Oakhurst First School.  

The committee also oversees the management of the West Moors Cemetery located in Priory Road. The parish office maintains the burial register and handles the day to day administration.

The committee also deals with any matters relating to street furniture such as benches and a few council owned bus shelters as well as representing the views of residents who raise concerns about highway matters, such as speeding, parking, street lighting and road safety. In many of these areas close co-operation with Dorset County Council and East Dorset District Council is vital as they are the authorities responsible for road maintenance, parking, public footpaths and maintenance of grass verges. The committee advises the County Council on footpaths and rights of way issues as they impact on our village. The committee also liaise with the relevant authorities who deal with flooding issues. Finally the committee oversees the plans for the Christmas lights.

Finance and General Purpose committee
The parish council receives most of its finance via the precept system, which means that each council tax payer in the village has a small amount added to the overall council tax to help fund the parish council. The task of this committee is to prepare the annual budget for the parish council from requests and recommendations made by the other committees and through Council decisions. During the year the committee monitors expenditure and revenues through accounts prepared by the responsible finance officer. They monitor internal controls of the financial systems and ensure the council receives value for money. They also oversee the development and implementation of policies for the council.

The committee also considers requests for small grants to West Moors organisations, charities and societies. For information on the scope of the scheme and latest application form, follow this link . . . HERE.
This committee also oversees all matters relating to the employees of the parish council.

Planning Consultative committee
This committee considers planning applications for the village that have been received by the Planning Authority. The committee is only a consultee in the planning process and does not have any powers to decide on a planning application, they present a view point of local opinions to East Dorset District Council, who are the local planning authority and ultimately make the decision for each application, taking into account any further input from the public or other authorities.

Plans for the committee review are usually available several days beforehand for public viewing in the parish office.

Freedom Of Information
Parish Council document available here with details of documents available under the Freedom of Information Publication Scheme.

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