Awards & Grants

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West Moors Parish Council offers financial support to individuals and organisations across the community through Awards and Grants on a discretionary basis – a brief summary is given below – with links to documents in support of each category. Details of the Awards/Grants are contained in the Minutes & associated Annexes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee.
Jean Ware Award
This award is given to a young person (aged 11 - 17) living in the village who is doing exceptionally well at a sport or in the Arts and who would benefit from financial support as they continue to train and participate. The Award has a maximum value of £1000. 

History: in 2012 West Moors Parish Councul celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Summer Olympic Games in London, by introducing the Legacy Award. Due to the success of the Award the Parish Council decided that the scheme should continue. It was originally granted to a young resident of West Moors who had demonstrated a particular talent in sport or other physical activity, with the aim of furthering that individual's talent. In 2015 the council extended the award scheme to include the Arts, such as music, drama, painting, literature etc. Further, following the sad death of Councillor Jean Ware in 2016, who was instrumental in setting up the scheme, the Award was renamed in her honour.

The list of winners of the Award, since its inception in 2012, can be found . . . HERE
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Apprenticeship or Vocational Training Grant
This grant gives financial help to young people (aged 16 - 20) in apprenticeships or vocational training to meet some of the cost of tools and equipment essential to their course.
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Miscellaneous grants / donations
Small grants / donations are available for West Moors organisations, charities and societies. The Parish Council recognises the importance of funding for the voluntary sector such as sports clubs, cultural or recreational events.
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West Moors Youth & Community Club
The Parish Council has had a long-standing commitment to support the youth of West Moors and in particular provides funds to the local Youth Club. Since withdrawal of county-level funding in 2016/17, the Council provides a grant for the provision of a qualified youth worker.