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~~~~ There are changes ahead! ~~~~
We are now in the phase of cautious relaxation of earlier severe restrictions that were introduced at the start of the Coronavirus crisis back in March: keep an eye on the links below ( which access external, but reliable sites ) for the latest news. The gov.uk site will be particularly useful in this respect. Use the 'Search' facility to find what you are looking for on that site.

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This page will gradually change character from late July: unless there is a major reversal in fortunes in dealing with the emergency, the page will simply list useful contact numbers and / or web data points.
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++ REMEMBER! Although the government are relaxing many of the original restrictions - if you still need help, particularly if you cannot get out into the community for whatever reason, then HELP IS STILL THERE FOR YOU! See the various entries under " Contacts " below.

[ ** Added Tuesday 23rd June ]: A significant announcement - from the 4th July ( Saturday ), pubs/restaurants, hotels and hairdressers/barbers may re-open, provided they meet / adopt the 'Covid-Secure' guidelines. Also, the 2 metre ( 6 feet ) rule, introduced back in March, will be relaxed to a " 1 metre plus " measure ( 3 feet+ ), though the ideal is still to adopt as near as 2 metres as possible and minimise person-to-person contact. Two households will also be able to meet indoors and stay overnight - but with no 'physical contact'. Also enabled ... hotels/holiday lets, campsites and caravan parks ( but with suitable cleaning regimes in place ); wedding congregations of up to 30 attendees and churches will be allowed to hold services - but no singing! Libraries & community centres will also be allowed to open, along with model villages ( among others ). Please see the links below for much more detail.

[ ** Added Monday 22nd June]: Announced by the UK government ( but only applies to England ) that effective Monday 6th July, 'shielded' category individuals can meet OUTSIDE with UP TO 5 others, and also, for those living alone, or single people with dependants, they can form a 'bubble' with one other household: see the regulations for more. Also, from Saturday 1st August, subject to no 'reversal' in the generally improving situation, the strict shielding will cease ( or more strictly, be suspended ). On this date also, the support packages will *cease* to be available.

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Coronavirus is significantly impacting upon the lives of all of us; this page is intended to be a single point-of-information for the local area on all matters related.
It goes without saying that we must look-out for those among us who are isolated, vulnerable, not able to get to the shops, not 'in touch' via on-line services etc. This latter point needs emphasis: not everyone is online!

With a bit of common sense and community spirit, this emergency will be successfully dealt with - WE WILL COME THROUGH THIS!

If anyone has difficulty accessing the documents / pages here, please contact me via email

[ information / links last updated: Monday 6th July ]

 Do YOU need help?
** [ This text altered / updated 31st May ] **
Although some measures introduced in late March & early April (including "Shielding") are being relaxed or stood-down, there will be many in our community who still require some help ... if only a friendly voice on the end of the phone!
If you feel you need help with shopping, staying in touch, transport for urgent medical reasons etc., the 'Contacts' section of this web page (below), has a listing of useful telephone numbers of those who can help. A quick summary of telephone numbers is also available to download.

 Can YOU offer help?
As well as the locally organised listing of useful telephone contacts ( see under 'Contacts' ) County, Charity & NHS organisations are offering support: they obviously depend upon volunteers ( who are fit and able ) to populate the services. See the entries under 'Sources' for links to appropriate coordinating concerns.

Here is a 'central' listing of some useful / reliable web sites that you can access  - just click on the listing below: they will be kept under review ( let me know if they fail - I'll sort it soonest! ):

This first page/link is VERY IMPORTANT: it is the Dorset Council 'Community response resource'; it attempts to cover all aspects of supporting vulnerable / isolated people across the county: in particular, if you want to volunteer, are healthy & able, have a look at the entry " I want to help - who can I contact? ". 

The advice on this page will keep changing ... so keep coming back to that link .... in particular, there are now several posters you can print-out to display including for the following categories: " Self-isolating ", " Weak immune system ", " Lockdown " and " Staying safe if someone else is doing your shopping ". Scroll down to near the bottom of that page …..

%% Dorset Council: " Dorset Together " - community response

%% Dorset Volunteering Centre: for individuals & organisations to register availability ...

and of course these are important sources of information ....

%% NHS main Coronavirus information page
( includes "Test & Trace",
" Self-isolating " after return to UK from elsewhere
and advice for those in the 'shielded' category )

%% UK Government : **24th June UPDATE **
- From 13th June ... 'Support Bubbles' active & churches available for private prayer.
- From 15th June ... all non-essential retail re-opening ( subject to safety rules being obverved ), other outdoor attractions open ( e.g., zoos ), Year 10 and 12 and Further Education pupils receiving 'face-to-face' support, face covering mandatory on public transport.


- From 4th July ... 2 m 'rule' eased to "1+ metre"; pubs/bars, restaurants, hotels, campsites, caravan parks, places of worship, hair salons/barbers, libraries, community centres, theme parks, model villages & farms also open: see regulations for much more detail.
- From 6th July ... changed regulations for the 'shielded' category: able to meet outdoors with up to 5 others, and single individuals ( or single parents ) able to form 'support bubbles' with one other household.
- From 1st August ... shielding restrictions suspended ( unless conditions dictate otherwise ); support packages cease.

%% UK Government source for essential background documents & advice

%% BBC Coronavirus information page

Dorset Council: latest news and advice
This is the Dorset-wide advice source for all matters relating to support for business, education & community facilities. This page also has useful links to reliable / official sources of futher information.
- Dorset Council have recently published a " Dorset Council Local Outbreak Plan " and this can be accessed via this page.

If anyone has difficulty accessing the documents / pages above, please contact me via email

See the list of organisations below who can help in this emergency.
* AgeUK are playing a coordinating role across Dorset: Each request will be individually assessed and categorised according to the individual's level of need. If you think they can help, contact them [ 9.00 am to 5.00 pm / 7 days ] on 01305 269 444 or email them
* Dorset Council's COVID-19 Response Hub is there if you don't have family, friends or other support network that you can call upon - there is a help line which can be reached at 01305 221 000 ( 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday - Saturday ) or you can email them.
* Citizens Advice are still active, but obviously with the current distancing restrictions, they are not able to offer 'face-to-face' advice / guidance & will be very busy. For an 'East Dorset'-based response, call 01202 884 738 ( Wimborne office, limited availability ) and leave your name, telephone number etc., and they will contact you ... or email them; alternatively try the Dorset AdviceLine on 0344 411 1444
* NHS Volunteer Responders / Royal Voluntary Service are providing support from the large pool of volunteers across the country that came forward in late March. If you are in one of the categories listed on the web site that this scheme is able to support, then call 0808 196 3646 ( 8.00 am - 8.00 pm ). 

Pinehurst Community Church produced 'contact cards' and these have been delivered around the village: DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE SUPPORT CARD ( pdf format - should open in a new window ).

West Moors help .... Telephone number
These churches have set up networking to provide support: contact the number shown and they will pass on the need as soon as possible.

Although there are now changes to 'lockdown', these churches continue to help and support the community: and don't forget - they are there to just 'be there'! Sometimes a chat with someone local can remove anxiety in these troubled times - or they can direct you to other sources of assistance: don't be afraid to call!

Pinehurst Community Church
.... 01202 892 776

St. Mary's Parish Church (Support Team)
.... 01202 861 533 or 07890 717 136
These businesses ( local ) have indicated that they will attempt to deliver goods & services during the current restrictions - talk to them to find out what is on offer - remember, items may / will be limited & obviously times of telephone availability will also be limited; as of this update ( June 28th ), more retail outlets are opening-up so the need for home delivery might lessen - but of course there will still be some who cannot get out and about for some time: 
BTH Pet Supplies (Riverside Court) …. 01202 872 746 
Gullivers Farm Shop (Station Road) …. 01202 619 891
Pandora Bakery (Pinehurst Road shops) …. 01202 874 504 
Seafoods Fish & Chips (Station Road) .... 01202 893 717
Webbs Butchers (Station Road) …. 01202 855 817 
[In addition, some local cafes etc., are providing 'take out' service, e.g., Penn Court; as of mid-June (15th), most of the above now have 'walk-in' opening - though with restrictions for safety of staff and customers.] 
This page is provided as a central information log only: we don't have the ability to monitor the efficiency, security or otherwise of the volunteer scheme above: never interact with someone you haven't verified as a genuine volunteer
 Facebook links:
Several local organisations are using Facebook extensively at this time to make information available: the list below can be used to access those sites if required. 
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Pinehurst Community Church
Spotted West Moors (community-based)
St. Anthony of Padua RC Church
St. Martin's United Reformed Church
St. Mary the Virgin Parish Church
West Moors Town Council

Bulletin of local progress of Emergency (can be printed as an information sheet for distribution):

Issue 16 (Monday 6th July 2020)
Composite of all log entries: March - June 2020, with additional 'context' notes