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May 2019_Action on the Park

The parish office (now the Town Council office) is leading an effort to raise the profile of the Skatepark facilities and activities - this page will be updated with new information / images as and when available.
March 2020: Contractor approved for Skate Park project:  At the routine Full Council meeting held on Thursday the 27th February, it was unanimously agreed to award the contract to Canvas Spaces Ltd - with the task of designing and building a concrete skate facility. You can read the Minutes ( specifically item 19/332 ) on this web site.

January 2020: Shop on Amazon Smile and help raise funds for the refurbishment of the Skatepark; the Council has issued a press release which details how everyone can help. The link will take you to the correct page, then follow the instructions, logging in using your Amazon account log-in and password, then search for " West Moors Youth Club " as the designated charity in the appropriate box: once you've done it once, then your details will be remembered - unless you decide to change the designated charity.  

November 2019: at the meeting dated 31st October (see full Minutes, item 19/201), the Full Council voted unanimously to adopt the following:
a) The skatepark redevelopment value be set at £200,000 (subject to funding).
b) The skatepark tender document as seen is approved for publication.
c) The skatepark contract as seen is approved for publication.
d) The tender to be published, commencing the second week of January 2020 with a project completion date of 2021.
e) The skatepark tender and contract to be published on the Contracts Finder website.
f) The parish council apply for funding from various sources.
g) The parish council commit £50,000 of parish council funds towards the project.
For the first time, the sport of Skateboarding is to be included as an Olympic activity during the Summer games in Tokyo in 2020 (now to be held in 2021). This link . . . Tokyo 2020: Skateboarding, will take you to the official page provided to give information on the sport and the arrangements. The official 'Team GB' Skateboarding page is . . . Team GB Skateboarding. More information will be provided on our Facebook page at appropriate times.
An 'open' event was held at the Skate Park on Friday September 27th, 2019: The Autumn 2019 Newsletter issued by the Council has a full report on this gathering (opens in a new browser window), with information relating to the future. Follow the Facebook page (linked below), to see latest developments as known.

An image provided by Dorset Police (Ferndown NPT) is shown below . . . very atmospheric and captures the event well.
SkatePark Party 27SEP2019

West Moors Skatepark was built in 2003 from monies raised by the youth of West Moors, with a little help from an adult committee. We have a 'well good' Skatepark, open all hours with six different obstacles, including a pyramid, ramp and mini-ramps. Why not come along and check it out; it's really sweet! It's also a great place to meet up and just chill out.     Skatepark feature

The mini-ramp was installed as part of the 2nd phase of the project. The ramp cost £17k and the money was raised by the Skatepark committee from fund raising and grants. The ramp is well used and it is ideal for newcomers to the sport.
Skatepark featureSkatepark activitySkatepark activityimage loop skateboard
The park is open to all age groups. Right alongside is a BMX dirt track (under refurbishment as of summer 2019) with bridges and good size humps!
* * * For more information of a general nature . . . 
. . . see the web site of the UK Skateboard Association (UKSA)
. . . And check for the latest information available via the West Moors Skate Park Action Group page . . .
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