Skatepark . . .

May 2019_Action on the Park

The parish office is leading an effort to raise the profile of the Skatepark facilities and activities - this page has not been updated for many years and it is hoped to add new information / images as and when available.
For the first time, the sport of Skateboarding is to be included as an Olympic activity during the Summer games in Tokyo in 2020. This link . . . HERE, will take you to the official page provided to give information on the sport and the arrangements. More information will be provided on our Facebook page at appropriate times.
West Moors Skatepark was built in 2003 from monies raised by the youth of West Moors, with a little help from an adult committee. We have a 'well good' Skatepark, open all hours with six different obstacles, including a pyramid, ramp and mini-ramps. Why not come along and check it out; it's really sweet! It's also a great place to meet up and just chill out.     

The mini-ramp was installed as part of the 2nd phase of the project. The ramp cost £17k and the money was raised by the Skatepark committee from fund raising and grants. The ramp is well used and it is ideal for newcomers to the sport.
The Skatepark committee have also raised £2k and have purchased 10 sets of skateboarding equipment which includes boards, helmets, safety pads and shoes so that beginners to the sport can start without having to outlay any money. This equipment if held in the Youth Centre.
There is no subscription or joining fee and the park is open to all age groups. Right alongside is a BMX dirt track with bridges and good size humps!
. . . And check for the latest information available via the West Moors Skate Park Action Group page . . .