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Schools - Dorset Council source for information 

It's not easy being a parent! Home-schooling and trying to cope with the stresses of work, Furlough, restrictions etc., mean that getting hold of information can seem to be a minefield. In addition, there are now ( late January ) moves to clarify exactly when 'physical' schooling for the bulk of school-age youngsters will restart: Dorset Council have a useful web page which collects together topics specifically relating to all aspects of schooling in these difficult times - and how to access resources that might be needed: the page opens in a new browser window.
[entered: 25/01/2021] 

Church activity ... latest ... and Discovery Group restart!

Although our churches are either physically closed, or severely restricted in the activity that they can offer, all four of our local places of worship are still busy working away in many and varied ways to support the community. To find detail for each church, please use the links from our specific Churches page on this web site. All the churches are using a combination of Facebook, YouTube or Zoom technology to maintain contact. In particular, St. Martin's United Reformed Church are intending to re-start the very popular 'Discovery Group' series of presentations on Monday 1st February - via Zoom. See the Community Diary entry for detail of how to join in.   

West Moors Town Council: Newsletter No. 13 issued

The latest issue of the Town Council's Newsletter ( 13 ) has just been issued: it gives full detail of the procedures surrounding the Census 2021 ( noted in the Community Diary - March 21st ), as well as "Geocaching" activity in West Moors, news regarding Grants/Awards made by the Council and other matters. In addition, there are the usual notes regarding who is on the Council, how to contact the Office ( which is closed for the moment ). View / download a copy from this web site: the document will load into a new browser window for ease of reference.
[entered: 22/01/2021]

Help is at hand!

With little sign on any easing of the Coronavirus situation, it is important to know that help is always available. Several local and county-wide organisations are there for you. They are variously listed on our Covid-19 Information Hub. If you have difficulty in accessing the contacts, let me know and I'll try to assist.
[entered: 21/01/2021]

Dorset Council: Local Plan - Consultation

The Dorset Council's planning policies are set out in 'Local Plans' which are the legal starting point in determining planning applications; they are therefore of vital interest to all residents of the county. A consultation document has just been issued which will determine the direction of development around Dorset Council area until 2038; you should note in particular reference to changing the boundaries of the 'Green Belt'. It is 'live' now, with comments invited - closing date for submissions being 15th March, 2021.
The full 'suite' of documents that make up the draft proposals can be viewed ( and downloaded if required ) on the Dorset Council web site.
The Plan is large! It should be viewed as a whole of course, but some pointers to West Moors specific matters are contained within the 'South Eastern Dorset Functional Area' ( Chapter 7 ) section; the particular part of that document is entered under 'Section 16: West Moors'. Note particularly the proposals regarding land to the immediate north of Azalea Roundabout & industrial development at Woolsbridge Industrial Estate.
And a particularly useful facility is the mapped access to the proposals. If you load up the map, zoom-in to the area of interest, then you'll see coloured symbols representing important locations for discussion. If you click on the spot - then a box appears with a reference - this makes it easier to find in the full document.
[entered: 20/01/2021]

Morebus: changes ( reduction ) in services from Sunday 24th January, 2021

Due to the continuing reduction in people using the local buses, Morebus will reduce some of their services from Sunday 24th January, 2021. The X6 will  be affected to a limited extent; at the very least, NO journeys will proceed to/from Bournemouth - all terminating at Ringwood. If you need to get to Bournemouth, you'll need to transfer to the X3 at Ringwood ( or join the 13 in Ferndown ). Also, the 'Sch' service X6 from Ringwood - Verwood - Three Cross - West Moors - Ferndown - Poole will now run to the 'NSch' schedule; i.e., it will run roughly 15mins later through West Moors. 
Full details are now available on the Bus Information Page; also, see this notice ( and associated links ) on the Morebus web site.
[entered: 19/01/2021, updated 20/01/2021, further update 21/01/2021]

School buses - Morebus: changes from Monday 18th January, 2021

With many schools either closed, or catering for a reduced pupil population, Morebus have announced that they will reduce and/or amend both their dedicated school transport services and also the timetables of 'service' buses ( e.g., those that the public use ). All routes running through West Moors ( 38, X6 ) are unaffected - that is they will run to 'School-days' timings. Route 13 ( Ferndown ) is also unaffected. Check if you travel further afield though for changes ... details available from the Morebus web site.
In a similar vein, school-specific services are being changed: for detail, please contact the school concerned - or again keep an eye on the Morebus web site ( or Facebook account ) where revised timetables will be available.
[entered: 15/01/2021]

Pinehurst Community Church (PCC): support during current emergency
PCC have posted on their Facebook account the following ( abridged ) ...
" Well, operation 'support the community' is in full swing .... We have lots of non-perishable food available for those that may be struggling to afford it. (Lots very kindly donated by customers at Spar as well as other individuals). If you need a few bits for either yourself or someone you know please send us a message on here or call us on 01202 892 776 to arrange a convenient time to collect. ( Their Facebook account is linked from our Covid-19 Information Page- see listing at the bottom of that web page. )
If you are in need of help please get in contact, but if you would like to help then why not donate one of the following food items by dropping off to the church building ...
Coffee .. Pasta .. Long Life Milk .. Jam .. Tinned Meat .. Sweet treats
Also, if there is anything else you want to chat about then please get in touch! "
[entered: 09/01/2021] 
Scam Alert - Covid-19 Vaccine Scam

Police would like to make you aware of the following scam which has occurred over a wide area.

Users have been sent a text purporting to be from a NHS body or similar informing the user that they are entitled to a COVID-19 vaccination. They are then invited to click on a link within the text message that takes them to a web page.

This web page will ask for personal details including " card payment details ". By supplying this information personal bank accounts are being raided by the scammers. { NOTE: you don't have to pay for this vaccine! }

This is a very convincing text purporting to be from the NHS. Any genuine invitation from your GP or other NHS body for the COVID-19 vaccination will NOT ask for any payment details.

Stay Safe, Stay Home ,Stay Well and beware of this Scam.

Should anyone receive similar contact, please report this to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040

{ Additional note: never, never, never ' click-through ' a link in an email: for more advice, there is a section on this web site ( ' Home and Person Safety ' ) which has much useful information. }
[entered: 07/01/2021]

Latest 'Lockdown' across England

The government announced ( applicable to England only, but other UK nations are in a similar situation ) that a full 'Lockdown', similar to that we experienced from late March last year, is to start from Wednesday 6th January: in summary, for most people, they must stay at home, except for specific reasons, including essential shopping, to go to work - if you cannot work from home, for limited exercise, to seek medical help ( including collecting prescriptions ) and to escape domestic abuse.
More information will be posted on our Coronavirus Information Hub as available. In the meantime, keep an eye on the web site.
[ The Library will be open for 'order and collect' activity only ( returned items through the letter-box ) - please contact them for more detail. Memorial Hall have now ( 9th January ) confirmed that they are closed for all activities. ]
[entered: 04/01/2021, updated 05/01/2021 (Library restriction), and 09/01/2021 (Memorial Hall closure): reference to Morebus removed 22/01/2021 ... see new entries above regarding revised services.]

Vaccination roll-out

With the announcement today ( 30th December ) of the second vaccine to combat Coronavirus / Covid-19, there is obviously speculation as to how quickly it will be administered, who will get it when, etc. Local health services ( surgeries, chemists ) have asked that you do NOT approach them with questions about availability etc. You will be contacted when appropriate: to keep abreast of local advice, keep checking back with the local web sites for GPs - links for which are on this web site.
[entered: 30/12/2020]

Recycling & Rubbish calendars now available online

Dorset Council have now issued the latest Recycling & Rubbish calendars - running up to early 2022. To view and download a copy, follow the link and enter your postcode, address etc., and when the appropriate display appears, choose " view, download & print your calendar ".
[entered: 23/12/2020]

West Moors Town Council: Newsletter No. 12 issued!

The Council have issued the latest of their routine Newsletters ... full of Christmas cheer! Among the items .... results and images from the Christmas shop window competition ... results and images from the local schools' Christmas card competition ... a note regarding Youth Club funding ... calls for nominations for the Jean Ware Award ( closing date now extended to mid-March ) ... reminders regarding the Apprentice Vocational Training & Community Groups awards application processes ... and other useful information. Download a copy from this web site.
[entered: 23/12/2020; added 22/01/2021 to note Newsletter Issue 13 now available ... see panel above]

Christmas trees around West Moors

This year, the Christmas tree festival that would have been held in the United Reformed Church had to be abandoned - for reasons we all know! However, the local Scouts, led by Lynne Anderson, have put together a montage of tree images that individuals and organisations have sent in ... and they can be viewed as a very nice presentation on YouTube: just click on the link.
[entered 21/12/2020]

[ For events further ahead that just the next few weeks, refer to the 'Community Diary' ]
Brief listing of events for the next few weeks

[ Although many routine and special events are cancelled / suspended at the moment, eventually this list will be populated with short descriptions of 'happenings' in our village: for full details see the Community Diary. ]


[ No (confirmed) events to notify ]


Monday 1st: St. Martin's URC - Discovery Group presentation ... " Around the World in Music and Pictures ", by Christopher Legrand: 2.30 pm ( but join Zoom meeting any time after 2.10 pm ) [ See the Community Diary for more information ]

MARCH 2021

Sunday 21st: National Census ... online or by post ( see Community Diary / right-hand panel for more detail: also the Newsletter No.13 has detail of procedures etc., surrounding this activity - see entry in the News panel above ).




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