Bus Services

Published: 03 April 2020

Following Government restrictions on movements, and the general lack of demand for public transport, Morebus have decided to significantly reduce their services in the local area. Service X6 will NO LONGER RUN ON SUNDAYS OR PUBLIC HOLIDAYS, and the Mondays - Saturdays service will be EVERY TWO HOURS! Service 38 will also be altered ( timing and route ) and reduced in frequency. For more detail, see the Morebus web page outlining these changes where a revised timetable can be downloaded. There are now amended summary timetables on this web site - see the entry within the 'Community Life' section.

Age / disability time regulations

Dorset County have announced that the " 9.30 am " restriction for bus pass holders is suspended until further notice; this means that, where services are available, concessionary bus pass holders can use their entitlement before 9.30 am Monday - Friday (as well as over weekends / PH)