Flexercise West Moors

Julie Channen

Telephone: T: 01202 872 307 / M: 07470 124295
Email: juliechannen14@gmail.com

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Health through exercise

The Flexercise system is part exercise, part dance, based on music - and all fun! Achieving good posture and balance through exercise, it is an essential ingredient in looking good, being healthy and feeling great. There are three levels . . .

  • Level 1: Beginners
  • Level 2: Getting Fitter
  • Level 3: Already Fit
It won't be long before you will be reaping the benefits . . .
If you think you would like to improve your fitness levels, then put yourself in the hands of your local fully qualified teacher . . .

Classes are held every week in St. Anthony's Church Hall, Pinehurst Road, West Moors: ample off-road parking and adjacent bus stops.
Thursday mornings: 10.00 - 11.00 am 

[ the information above is based on the entry on the Class Finder website (last accessed 08 FEB 2019): as of April 2021, I have polled the provider to see what the current status is ... ]