St John Ambulance: Cadets


Local St. John Ambulance group based in Longham

' Being a St John Ambulance Cadet has made me more confident and taught me that, no matter what, if I put my mind to something I can achieve it. It has allowed me to become a young woman who is ready to try anything and who wants to succeed. ' - Shannon Dean

Young people aged 10-17 can join one of our Cadet units, which operate throughout England. These are a great way for teens and young people to take part in volunteer work and learn valuable life skills.

As a Cadet, you'll take part in a full and interactive programme, working towards your Grand Prior Award and volunteering at events. Ferndown Cadets meet every Tuesday (7:00 - 8:30 term time only).

You can:

  • learn first aid skills
  • volunteer within your community by providing first aid cover at public events, such as football matches and music festivals
  • learn leadership and public speaking skills by teaching first aid to other young people
  • spend time on weekend residential camps packed with activities, and have the opportunity to compete in international first aid competitions
[ content last checked .... July 2019 ]

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